Lotto Master Formula System Good Or Bad

The Lotto Master Formula system is developed and sold by Greg G, a self proclaimed lottery expert who says you will win using his winning system. Gary G used to be suffering from losses trying to win the lotto for a successive 10 year period and then finally found the so-called key to winning lotto success after analyzing each failure. What waited for him nex,t was lotto winning after another as he claims he has won millions in lottery money using his Lotto Master formula System that gives you a 78.9% small winnings win rate and a 66.2% win rate for jackpot which we find very, very hard to believe. After many people have tested and reported on this system, we find most everything about this Lotto master system is totally false!

Lotto Master Formula System Claims:

  • Gives a 78.9% accuracy for the small winnings (NOT TRUE)   
  • Gives 66.2% accuracy for jackpot winnings (NOT TRUE)

Greg G says, “With just a simple formula that I’ve discovered after years of research you can win almost any lottery in the world using my system”. Also noticed the seller calls himself Greg G and also Garry G on the testimonials so what is his real name, Garry or Greg? Obviously this seller got his lies and names mixed up writing his fake testimonials and was to lazy to even bother changing it, very sad!

We say, Where is all the PROOF! There is no actual real proof of anything this Greg G says about his system. Every lotto cheque he shows is fake or has nothing to do with his lottery system. I have even the same person used as a testimonial on other various systems for sale in the past, so again all fake!

Greg G says all the secret formulas and skills will be revealed to you in this manual in detail for$97. Garry also tries to teach the right thinking way for lottery players as he wants to help them win the lottery, Without big investment, yet Garry charges an outrageous $97 for his un-proven system, so we thought we would contact Garry to see what his system is all about, as we simply cannot find a single winner using this Lotto Master Formula System.

This is what Garry G emailed me today.

On Thu, Nov 9, 2012 at 4:31 PM, Garry G <> wrote:

If you look at Powerball results from 7/31/2010 through several
results you will notice a pattern. They played numbers 15, 23,
31, 39, 47, 55, 4 and 12

Beginning from 15 if you add 8 you will arrive at the next
winning number.

15 + 8 = 23, 23 + 8 = 31, 31+ 8 = 39, 39 + 8 = 47, 47 + 8 = 55,  55 + 8 = 4
(it is 4 because the top number for Powerball is 59.)

If you add 55 + 8 it will be 63 minus 59 the answer will be 4).
That is how we arrived at the number 4.

The last one 4 + 8 = 12.

These winning numbers played over several Powerball results
right after each other.

You will recognize that trend when you master how to pick your
numbers based on columns. Once you do, you will be on your way to
winning lotto consistently.

OK, this is a very silly stupid system that I looked into and it does not work! It really does not even make good sense at all and this nonsense Lotto Master Formula system can be your for only $97 WFT! I also checked the top lotto system review sites and found the Lotto master Formula System is labeled as a border line scam, very poor useless system. It also seems the system was copied right off the Internet, not even developed by Greg G the so-called lottery expert. Lots of highly dubious claims that are fake in the sales letter for this bogus system, and a couple of very obvious lies too, all just the usual shady marketer nonsense.

We emailed Greg G or Garry G back and asked for proof of his winning lottery tickets he won using his so-called winning system. We wanted to see the real ticket with his signature on the back. Guess what? No reply, even after 6 more emails, still nothing, that again tells you right there the system is B.S.

Well as you can see this Lotto Master Formula is basically nonsense and we would never recommend this to any lottery player. The best lottery system we have seen, and checked out that really is awesome for choosing your winning lottery numbers is the Lotto Guy Lottery System (winner of the latest 2013 best winning lotto system poll over 21 lottery systems) Many people love this system and many people around the world win the lotto using it. It is the best system on the market by far and we highly recommend it.

Greg G or Garry G, you can take your Lotto Master Formula and shove it where the sun don’t shine! You should be ashamed of yourself for tricking unsuspecting people trying to help themselves win the lottery, instead you are pocketing their money to make yourself rich. Also Warning! There are many fake good reviews on this Lottery Master Formula system, all written by the seller or affiliates promoting the system and many reports of no guaranteed refunds so please be careful.

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