Mega Million Best Winning Strategies

If you are desperate to better your chances to win the Mega Million lottery, you had better change the way you play to a real winning strategy. Mega Million has become very popular especially now that we are in an economic crisis and every person wants to win the lottery. It is without a doubt that a lot of people are playing this massive lottery game, most will not take the time to use better strategy, therefore will most likely fail for sure. You must play smarter to stay ahead of the line, as you want to increase your chances to win over other lottery players right?

To complicate things even more, the Mega Million has now changed a little. Mega Million has now changed as of October 19, 2013, so pay attention to make sure you know how to play the new Mega Million. The new Mega Million lottery starting Jackpot prize is now much higher than before, it now starts at $15 million, from the previous $12 million jackpot prize.

Mega Million Changes:

• The poll of lottery numbers you choose from has now changed from the old 1 through 56, to the new 1 through 75.

• The MEGA number poll you now choose from has changed from the old 1 through 46, to the new 1 through 15.

• The overall odds of winning any Mega Million prize has now changed from 1 in 40, to a 1 in 15.

• The odds of winning the Mega Million jackpot has now changed from 1 in 176 million, to a 1 in 259 million.

• The Mega Million jackpot annuity payout is now changed from 26 years, now to 30 years.

Over-all winning a Mega Million cash prize is now easier, but to win the massive Mega Million Jackpot is now much harder, this is why you need to focus on using real winning strategy.

So which strategies are recommended to use for increasing your chances to win? Instead of just referring you to a strategy or what is also known as a lottery system, I will show you good evidence on which strategies are best to use. The Mega Million best winning  strategies, will be the same winning strategies real lottery winners voted as best strategies that won lottery games for them. You can see and verify this for yourself in the below poll taken.

Mega Million Winning Strategies

Mega Million Winning Strategies

Having a lot of competitors playing a large lottery game as Mega Millions means less chances for winning the game, so the wise tip is, you should play the lottery using one of the best winning lottery systems as seen in the evidence shown. The top winning system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System which we know has been up-dated to work with the new Mega Millions and is a fairly easy to use highly recommended system to hit Mega Million lottery numbers. If you’re a total newbie at using lottery systems, we suggest using a good winning wheeling system as Smart Play Lotto Wheels or other. There has been many people reporting the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system gives great results for Mega Millions hitting 3 lotto numbers and so on much easier than using no system at. The point is you do need to use a system or you will routinely loose draw after draw, so wise up! Start playing smarter to win bigger!

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