Lotto Black Book Review – Learn The Truth

You need to learn the real truth about the Lotto Black Book, is it a true winning formula above all others? The Lotto Black Book has been around for a long time and still claims the system is used by real winners and has won lottery jackpots. A math professor is said to have created the system and has won three lottery jackpots in a row using said system, but is this all really true? Or is this whole system a huge pile of hype?

All reports in our finding suggest the Lotto Black Book does have something to hide. The fact is the system is not a real winning system. There are many reviews that tell you the system is the real deal, yet there is absolutely no real lottery winners using this system. Also the three lottery jackpots so-called Larry Blair Math Professor has claimed to have won using the system, is proven Not True! The fact is, the whole system basically is mostly common lottery strategy information straight off the Internet that has been around for years and the rest of the system is silly made-up useless material. The real creator of this famous Lotto Black Book System is just your common marketer using false advertising to sell a virtually useless product. Words this marketer uses does grab your attention, but the system does work as advertised, we advise you use your money to find a better real winning system.

The Lotto Black Book Secrets Revealed:

  • The system creator is not really a Math Professor from Oklahoma.
  • The Creator of the system did not actually get shot by thieves trying to steal the Lotto Black Book Formula. Who would shoot someone and risk it all, when they can just buy the system. A very stupid scenario that was very easy to find out the truth.
  • Larry Blair states he won three lottery jackpots in a row using his Lotto Black Book System, yet does not show any real proof and did not answer our emails on this question to see real proof. We know there was no lottery jackpots won, we just wanted to see what this person would say, he chose to not answer.
  • The system was caught using phony testimonials, phony winning cheques, along with the phony scenario of being shot for the system formula. Then to top it all off, there are no real lottery winners who won using the system. He then changed the sales page to try and cover all this up as was caught. See the poll below it shows you who voted for which winning lottery systems. Hardly no votes for Lotto Black Book, I wonder why?
Lotto Black Book Not A Winning System

Lotto Black Book Not A Winning System

If you still think the Lotto Black Book is real, take note that all lottery system review sites report the Lotto Black Book as a gimmick system, does not win lottery games. Also the fact there are many people who have sent in there reviews about this system and all report it does not work as advertised. Only real verified tested and proven winning lottery systems should be your choice to use, forget about the nonsense systems they are only making money from fooling people. Try one of the more highly recommended systems as Lotto Guy Lottery System or possibly Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which are two of the best winning systems in the industry and most all reviews sites give both systems two thumbs up!

We are really quite tired of hearing about the many people fooled by this Lotto Black Book, hope we have enlightened you as to what the system really is. See more reviews below.


The Lotto Black Book Review – False Lottery Formula!

The Lotto Black Book Review 

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