Lottery Software Systems Honest Review

So you are Looking to increase your odds of winning big with lottery software, well think again. As these types of systems are virtually useless. In this lottery software systems honest review. we’ll explain why lottery software systems are a complete waste of your money and your time.

All lottery software is basically the same. It’s the selling tactic of each that is different, each trying to fool you. Each lottery software seller is going to try and sell you on how good the software is. Also how good it will help you win the lottery. There are tons of these lottery software systems feeding people false advertising. Even tons caught in lies and using fake testimonials, it’s sad but it’s the truth!

The main feature of all lottery software systems is basically they are a number generators. They make predictions based on hot numbers, or just plain old random number picks. You will not even know which strategy is being used. With that being revealed it would not matter which strategy the software is using to feed your number picks. As both ways are totally worthless. It’s a fact that the best a lottery software system can do. Is improving your odds by only about two to four percent at best. Which is just slightly better than using good old lottery quick picks.

Lottery Software Systems Are Mostly Garbage

A few years back these so called great lottery software systems were all boasting big win rates. Some as high as 100%, most were claiming around the 78% mark which is so far-fetched it’s laughable. It’s ridiculous that people fell for this kind of marketing nonsense. Then the reviews started pouring in on many review sites. Stating these lottery software systems were pure garbage. They did not give the results anywhere near what they had claimed.

You need to understand that these software systems can only get their data from a “source.” That source would be a main lottery game website such as Powerball, Mega Millions etc. They grab the free data from the past drawn numbers section. Then just sell it to you! It’s all free data. No need for anyone to pay for it. And it only takes a few minutes to gather your own hot numbers from those lottery games. It’s really that simple.

 It gets worse! It is bad enough that people are being suckered into using these silly lottery software systems that are really just for entertainment purposes. Just gimmicks and not for winning lottery games. We now have to deal with the ridiculous lottery software systems that grab your attention by stating they are created by Professors or MIT Professors or a Mathematical Genius. All of which are just made up so you think the system is going to help you.

Most All Lottery Software Systems Are Created And Sold By Marketers

These lottery software systems are all basically created by marketers not by lottery experts, or Professors. They are designed to make them money by selling you a worthless lottery tool. That is just a high priced waste of your money and time.

So what type of lottery system or lottery tools should you be using? The fact is you need to use other non-software strategies. Ones based on a formula, or a good wheeling system. You see how many lottery software systems there are compared to the real legit systems. That’s why it’s hard to find the good real legit systems or lottery strategies that really can assist you bettering your chances to win easier.

The best formula based lottery system in our opinion is a well known legit winning formula system called Lotto Guy Lottery System. This system is again a non-software system. It’s a number pattern analysis formula system (easy to use) plus special strategies. Which you can also apply to increase your win rates. This is one of very few lottery systems we would recommend you use, as it does work well if used consistently. There are a few other systems that are good, but this one is the best top rated one. So why waste your time on a lesser system, start with the best right off the get go and stay with it.

Never trust any lottery software reviews. As most all are by the sellers of those types of systems. We have nothing to do with any lottery software systems, so are lottery software review is honest and truthful.

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