Best Lotto Strategy Real Lottery Winners Use

You’ve most likely seen lots of lottery systems being advertised to win the lotto, most do not work and are just for suckers! Now this lottery system has a real wining strategy and has created more real big lottery winners than any other lottery system in the world. If your not using this powerful system you should be! The Lotto Guy Lottery System a very powerful lottery system that has been created by software engineers who teamed up with University techs to do research analyzing and lotto number pattern analysis, which is the key factor how to win the lottery.

In fact, since releasing this lottery system they developed to give real winning results, many people have hit big lottery jackpots worldwide using it. It even won the 2013 best winning lottery system poll, taking 67% of the winning votes. The Lotto Guy System is a highly superior and easy-to-use very unique 3 step system.
 An Alberta Woman actually won over $29,548 in 3 months using the Lotto Guy System.
– A teenager living in Orlando Florida won Florida Lotto $17,398 in the last 6 months.
– A 49-year-old California lottery player won $187,000.00 in one lotto draw
  playing just 12 tickets weekly for 2 months.
– Another person won 2.5 million playing Australian lottery with the Lotto System.

These people ALL used this lottery system to win big. That is the one SINGLE common denominator amongst these big lotto winners, is the system they used. That is why YOU can also possibly be a big winner! You must use this same EXACT system!…Best of all, this system works in all major pick 5, pick 6, pick 7 lottery games. Also the system is designed to win the smaller tier prizes, so you can profit while you wait to hopefully hit the big lotto jackpot prize. There is nothing to lose using this system and everything to gain by using this system …So if you want to be the next big lottery winner, you must start to play lotto much smarter! Use what the real winners are using, there is simply no better system PERIOD!

You can try the silly hyped-up systems that promise you ridiculous win rates, but you will soon learn those systems are nothing but schemes to grab you money, they Do Not Win Lotteries! Want more proof? See the official best winning lottery system poll results, 21 systems were entered, only one can be the winner! Take a good look at which system dominated the poll to be crowned best winning system, it’s the Lotto Guy System. What happened to the other so-called great winning systems like Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System, or the Lotto Black Book System, they failed to win any lottery games, No people voted for them, No Real Winners used these systems. These silly systems are just a joke! Use real verified winning systems as Lotto Guy or even Smart Play System (second best system in the world) and you will have serious winning lotto success!

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

2015 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

Good luck and win lotto big!


Lotto Guy Lottery System Real Lotto Winning System

Win The Lottery

California SuperLotto Plus Winning Strategy

California lottery games such as SuperLotto Plus, are extremely hard to win using common lotto strategies as playing simple random lotto numbers. It is a proven fact that you need to use a true winning lottery system or lotto strategy that will definitely help you better your odds to win. The problem here is which system or lotto strategy should you use?

We have investigated to see what lottery winners of California SuperLotto Plus, California Fantasy 5 and California Mega Millions were using to grab their winning numbers with. A very small percentage were just using random numbers they chose blind. Then there were a larger percentage using proven wheeling systems with the main lottery wheeling system being Smart Play Lotto Wheels, which is a top rated very effective system for all pick 5 number and pick 6 number lottery games world-wide. The largest percentage of winners were using a system called Lotto Guy Lottery system, which is not as easy to use as a wheeling system, but most certainly delivers winning results.

Many California SuperLotto Plus players seem to like to use the lottery wheeling system as it is easier to use with your Hot and Cold Lottery numbers, which by the way are totally free to access at lottery statistic websites. Never purchase a lottery analysis software system as this is what they give you for a high cost, stating you will have big win rates, which is a total lie! Using Hot and Cold lottery numbers is helpful, but will not give you big win rates by themselves, you must use them in a real winning lottery system such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels or the Lotto Guy System to really get the full benefit, so do not be fooled.

Now you know which systems real lottery players are using and winning California SuperLotto Plus and other California Lottery games, just pick your system and much better lottery winning success will be yours!


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