Lottery Tips – What You Need To Know About Lottery Systems

It’s no surprise that Lottery Systems are the best Lottery Tips to win the lotto, there are however some facts to know before using any lottery system. We know you all have tried your best to hit those winning lottery numbers on your own. But what you have been using to get your lottery numbers to play is actually working against you!

Most all people who play the big lottery games such as Powerball Lottery, Mega Millions and so on. Fail to hit any winning lottery numbers due to their poor choice of strategy used. When we say poor choice of strategy. We mean those of you using totally random lottery numbers. You know like quick picks, lucky numbers, horoscope lottery numbers and the list goes on.

If you continue to just choose your lottery numbers in a random fashion. You are playing with all odds against you which is not good. Only by getting very lucky will you ever hit any winning lottery numbers that are drawn. Never mind hitting a big lotto jackpot that could change your whole life. This is why after going through this type of lottery playing method. Some people grow wise to this and know they need a smarter way to play the lottery. This is where using a lottery system or comes in to play. It is the top lotto winning strategy one can use.

Lottery Systems Are The Right Tools To Improve Lotto Success

A lottery system is basically just a logical strategy or tool. That is designed to improve your odds or chances to hit those winning lottery numbers a little easier. This is the correct way to play the lottery and is the method of choice by real lottery winning experts. Use what the experts use and your success rate for hitting drawn lottery numbers will increase.

If you are ready to make a change in the way you play the lottery and use real proven lottery tips. All you need to do is pick a good proven lotto winning strategy (lottery system). Then you simply just stay with it. Do not think just because you now use a better strategy you will win the big Powerball Jackpot right off the bat. Real lottery systems cannot guarantee you will win big, they can only improve your chances to win easier.

Using No Lottery System Will Result In Poor Success

As with any sort of gambling, anything that can improve one’s success to win easier. Is the best you can do or try for winning the lottery. Using no lottery system or poor lotto winning strategy just keeps you playing using the worst odds possible. That is the truth and that also is the way most people do play the lottery, hence why they never win anything.

We will put below a few great articles for proven real winning lottery systems that are verified to actually better your odds to win easier. Two great systems are Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. You can decide for yourself which ones to use. Good luck!

Play smarter using real lottery tips to win easier, that’s your key to really hitting winning lottery numbers.

How To Win Powerball Lotto Tips

Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works

Lotto Guy Lottery System Hot Winning Formula

Smart Play Lotto Wheels Real Winning System

Lottery Systems Reviews

Most Powerful Lottery Winning Tips

Lottery winning tips can actually be bad and good, you just need to know which are which to be more successful at winning the lottery. You would think there would be no bad lottery winning tips, but this is not the case. If a lottery wining tip was to use every third number and put into a group, then only use the numbers from that group, this of course is a very bad tip to use. We see tips such as this one being given out as expert advice and people think it is something special when it really is nothing special at all. My point is only real powerful lottery winning tips should be used period!

Real lottery winning tips are tips that have been thoroughly proven to up your chances to win the lottery. These same lottery tips would of course be used and recommended by real lottery winners. Following the most powerful winning tips will be your best bet for winning the lottery more often and bring you closer to a jackpot winning. So what are the most powerful tips? Here is the list below.

  • Play more lottery tickets or lines of numbers, one or two tickets per draw will not do much.
  • Using a proven winning lottery system is a must do and is the most powerful lottery winning tip.
  • Play your lottery game consistently, do not play one or two draws then stop for a few draws. Play each lotto draws for a set period of time of about two or three months, then if needed take a break for a short while, then do it again. Many serious lottery winners follow this method.

These are your main best most powerful lottery winning tips, anything else will most likely be a waste of your time.

Now as far as strategy or lottery systems to possibly use, you need good proof of what is actually working for real users and the only way to see this is by poll votes as seen below, you can no longer trust testimonials.

Polls make it very easy and very clear to see which systems would be best to use and which may be not so good to use. We do highly suggest using one of the top winning system for obtaining best over-all lotto winning results.

For Lotto Guy Lottery System see their main Lotto Guy

For Smart Play Lotto Wheels see their main website Smart Play

For any other system just Google it for their main website if your interested, just make sure it is a main website to be safe.

We all want to win the lottery, yet most people will never change the way they play to a better playing strategy, hence why they will most likely never win much. You now know the best lottery winning tips to follow if better winning success is desired, you just have to do it!


Lotto Guy Lottery System Review The Truth

Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works

Lotto Guy Lottery System Unique Winning Formula

Lottery Systems Reviews Trustworthy Guide

Lottery systems reviews guide reveals true winning lottery systems and lottery systems that may not be worthwhile to use. To better your chances to win the lottery. You really need to use the best possible lottery systems. Top winning systems like the Lotto Guy Lottery System works best to obtain the best possible over-all winning success. The fact is, using a lottery system is going to better your winning success. This over using no system or no lotto winning strategy at all. Good playing strategy is a serious big key to winning lottery games!

Think about it, with over forty or so lottery systems on the market today. How is one to know which lottery systems are actually working good to help win the lottery. Or just pulling your leg to make a fast buck from your sale? Since You play the lottery, you need real solid proof of which lottery systems are actually worthwhile. This benefits you, as you can make a sound decision now. Take a peek at the latest official best winning lottery systems official poll results below.

This is real verified solid proof that shows which lottery systems are the real winning systems. Also which people have had good success with, or not had good success with. Most lottery system reviews are simply not real. I bet you did not know that? Poll votes show you the real honest truth. Poll cannot mislead you as false fake reviews or false testimonials can.

Best Winning Lottery Systems Results By Real User Votes

Lottery Systems that are proving themselves at winning lottery games. Now are verified by this latest official best winning lottery system poll results survey. The over-all best winning system as you can see for yourself was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. The Lotto Guy Lottery System is a three step very unique lottery system that breaks your lottery numbers down into specific winning groups. Which does greatly assist in boosting your odds to win much more frequently.

LG powerful winning system is based on number pattern analysis data (not a past drawn numbers analysis which is very common) which will give you a truly powerful results. Very real thirty percent increased chance to win better versus using no system or strategy. Which is very common with most lottery players using the system. It does not stop there.

The Lotto Guy Lottery System also gives you serious tested and proven win rate boosting strategy you can also apply. Which will again boost your over all chances to win easier by a few more percent. The Lotto Guy Lottery System has won the best winning lottery system for a very good reason. It does give you proven verified lottery winning leverage.

Trying Out Many Lottery Systems Will Cost A Small Fortune

If people were not winning lottery games with a specific system. The poll votes will be low for that particular system. This is a great source and very much needed guide to show real substantial PROOF! Which Lottery Systems real lottery winners are in fact winning lottery games using.

Misleading lottery system reviews and false testimonials are everywhere when it comes to lotto systems on the market. You would have to purchase and test out each and every lottery system out there. That would cost you a small fortune to actually find the good ones that worked best.

These types of lottery systems are just basically hyped-up and designed to draw your attention and grab your payment. As sales is how they make their money, not by winning lottery games. Using good strategy is your real key to actually winning lottery games. But only if the strategy is worth using, which just makes sense right?

Lottery Systems Sold By Affiliates To Make Money By Sales

We feel we should also point out this to you lottery system buyers. There are a few misleading lottery system review sites that are actually selling particular lottery systems as affiliates. They do it to make money by sales from you. If any lottery system review sites points you to a system and it has (hop) in the link URL and takes you to a click bank sales page or other similar type sales page.

Note an affiliate link is a red flag and that review site is hiding this fact. That they make money as in sales commissions when you purchase the system. They mislead you into thinking the system is super great at winning the lottery, when in reality it most likely is not.

They will usually give poor fake reviews for the good lotto systems. Meaning the actual real winning systems, so you do not choose to buy them. Any lottery system review site doing this crap is not a trusted review site. 

Fake Reviews Posted On Dishonest Review Sites

For instance, the top winning system the Lotto Guy Lottery System has some fake reviews posted on dishonest review sites, they claim they have used the system and the software. This is totally false the system is not software. These shady review sites do this so you want to view their site. Some then try to sell you their program. So you see who the scammer is now? They used good systems names to lure you in. Then feed you a bunch of lies about it, then try to sell you their program. Very disgraceful indeed.

Also something worth noting is, that any lottery system that has a subscription you must pay for, is to be highly suspect. These are just set up to keep money coming in for the seller and or affiliates, a very clear indication a lottery system most likely will do nothing to actually win lottery games, is more or less just a gimmick to make money from sales.

Lottery Systems In Order Starting With The Best Winning Systems

Reported Good Winning Lottery Systems: (All reports are by actual system users and backed up other sources and reviews)

1-Lotto Guy Lottery System (Rated Very Good) The Lotto Guy Lottery System is a very strongly recommended system, it’s backed with real reviews by real lottery winners. Here is the Lotto Guy Lottery System main website as it is the best system over-all to help increase your odds to win easier and most recommended. This is not a software system, it is a unique formula type system designed to put your numbers into way better winning groups. They have very good support and the system can definitely improve your success rate.

2-Smart Play Lotto Wheels System (Rated Very Good System) Verified winning wheeling system by many users. System also applies special win rate boosting strategy which makes the system extra powerful for easier winnings. Great system for anyone including newbies as is easy to use, yet still very effective. Smart Play Lotto Wheels

3-Gold Pyramid System (Rated Very Good) Great system, but seems to be no longer available. Many still ask about this system, to bad it is not around any longer.

4-Smart Luck System (Rated Good) Ok system, some reports of users having good success using it. Expensive system to buy and use.

5-Lottery Circle Software System (Was rated somewhat good in 2012 – 2013 then was rated as poor winning system by many users) Systems such as this past drawn numbers system are now really very common and their winning success rate in on the poor side.

Reported As Poor Or Non-Wining Lottery Systems

So use your own judgement if are wise choices to use or not. All reports on these systems were obtained by actual system users and backed up by other sources and reviews. These systems are in no particular order.

  • Silver Lotto System ( System was also called 1 Minute Silver Lotto System, also used to be called Honest Lotto System, same system 3 name changes, possibly is done to try to hide past bad reviews and complaints)
  • Lotto Black Book System ( Also called The Lotto Black Book System and Lotto Black Book Formula. System has been caught using false advertising and false testimonials, has also changed and re-worded the basic system scenario a few times to hide these facts.
  • Formula 1 Lotto Software System
  • Lottery Circle Software system
  • Lottery Crusher Software system
  • Lottery Slayer System
  • Lotto Cash Machine
  • Lotto Variant System
  • Lottery Dominator
  • Lotto Master formula
  • Lottery Checkmate System
  • Win Lotto Systems Software
  • Beat The Lotto
  • Lotto Payload Software System
  • Winning Lotto Secrets
  • Lottery Method System
  • Lottery Winning Formula
  • Mark Bower Lottery System
  • Lottery Audit Software
  • Lotto Sorcerer
  • Bob Brown Lottery System
  • Lotto Strategies For winners
  • Chris Malcolm Lottery System
  • Beat Lottery system
  • Lotto Masta
  • 1000 Weeks Of Lotto
  • Ultimate Lottery Package
  • Lottery Destroyer

Lottery Systems That Have Many Bad Complaints And Or Have Simply Now Vanished Along With Members Money

Lottery Phenomenon

Mark Bower Lottery System (Vanished)

Lotto Strategies For Winners (Vanished)

Silver Lotto System

The Lotto Black Book System (Vanished)

Here Are The Official Poll Results Of The earlier Best Winning Lottery Systems:

As you can see for yourself in the above best winning lottery system poll back then, again the top voted on winning lottery system was the Lotto Guy Lottery System, with the Circle Lottery System taking second place at the time. Having a lottery system take first place in two very major best winning lottery system polls is most certainly a big clue as to which system real lottery winners are using and getting good winning success with.

Do not forget the lottery systems that follow in second and even third place, these are still ok systems to possibly use. Sometimes using more than one system is very highly recommended, as no lottery system can guarantee you winning results, so sometimes combining a few systems can actually be most beneficial to help you win the lottery easier.

Red Flags To Watch For Possible Misleading Systems

  1. Lottery Systems that have many affiliates selling it are very risky, as real winning systems do not rely on sales commissions they win lottery games. It seems almost every system that has affiliates selling it, is also using silly or phony scenarios as, created by a Professor, or created by a Math Genius, Secret Lottery Code Cracked and so on. These very common silly scenarios usually that suggest is only a money making gimmick lottery product.
  2. Lottery Systems that have 60 Day Guaranteed Refund. How can a lottery gambling system have a refund, it’s gambling think about it. Most every system that says this has had reports of not honoring it, simply a marketing ploy to lure you in just to get your sale easier. We have many reports of people never seeing the refund they requested for one reason or another, so just be aware of this.
  3. Lottery Systems on many lottery system review sites, forums and so on listed as bad or poor winning systems if a legit review site as some post fake reviews.
  4. Lottery Systems that are created by a common marketer or publisher should be considered as possible useless systems, as these are usually just made-up systems and generally have no real lottery winning value.
  5. Lottery Systems that claim very high ridiculous win rates are not realistic systems and should be possibly avoided. No lottery system is going to give you a steady real win rate of 72% up to 98% win rate, this is a common selling tactic with poor winning systems basically saying not real. Most systems have removed their high ridiculous win rates but still sell system which is same as before.

Good Reputable Lottery Systems Are Your Best Bet

Remember, you are the one who is playing the lottery. You are the one that must decide on the lottery strategy, or lottery system to use.  The one that is going to work best for you to increase your over-all chances to win better! Good reputable systems are truly your best bet to use and will generally give you the best winning results possible.

No lottery system is going to give you guaranteed wins. Lottery systems are just tools to help increase your odds to win. The better the tool or system, the better the job it does plain and simple.

Doing it right the first time can save you money and time testing out lottery systems over and over. Weeding out most that simply may get you no where playing the lottery. You now have the knowledge to choose more wisely and now have more control. This will possibly increase your chances substantially to win the lottery easier. That is how you win the lottery!

Here is a small list of some great lottery reviews and sites you may also be interested in reading:

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Best Lotto Strategy Real Lottery Winners Use

You’ve most likely seen lots of lottery systems being advertised to win the lotto, most do not work and are just for suckers! Now this lottery system has a real wining strategy and has created more real big lottery winners than any other lottery system in the world. If your not using this powerful system you should be! The Lotto Guy Lottery System a very powerful lottery system that has been created by software engineers who teamed up with University techs to do research analyzing and lotto number pattern analysis, which is the key factor how to win the lottery.

In fact, since releasing this lottery system they developed to give real winning results, many people have hit big lottery jackpots worldwide using it. It even won the 2013 best winning lottery system poll, taking 67% of the winning votes. The Lotto Guy System is a highly superior and easy-to-use very unique 3 step system.
 An Alberta Woman actually won over $29,548 in 3 months using the Lotto Guy System.
– A teenager living in Orlando Florida won Florida Lotto $17,398 in the last 6 months.
– A 49-year-old California lottery player won $187,000.00 in one lotto draw
  playing just 12 tickets weekly for 2 months.
– Another person won 2.5 million playing Australian lottery with the Lotto System.

These people ALL used this lottery system to win big. That is the one SINGLE common denominator amongst these big lotto winners, is the system they used. That is why YOU can also possibly be a big winner! You must use this same EXACT system!…Best of all, this system works in all major pick 5, pick 6, pick 7 lottery games. Also the system is designed to win the smaller tier prizes, so you can profit while you wait to hopefully hit the big lotto jackpot prize. There is nothing to lose using this system and everything to gain by using this system …So if you want to be the next big lottery winner, you must start to play lotto much smarter! Use what the real winners are using, there is simply no better system PERIOD!

You can try the silly hyped-up systems that promise you ridiculous win rates, but you will soon learn those systems are nothing but schemes to grab you money, they Do Not Win Lotteries! Want more proof? See the official best winning lottery system poll results, 21 systems were entered, only one can be the winner! Take a good look at which system dominated the poll to be crowned best winning system, it’s the Lotto Guy System. What happened to the other so-called great winning systems like Ken Silver’s Silver Lotto System, or the Lotto Black Book System, they failed to win any lottery games, No people voted for them, No Real Winners used these systems. These silly systems are just a joke! Use real verified winning systems as Lotto Guy or even Smart Play System (second best system in the world) and you will have serious winning lotto success!

2013 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

2015 Best Winning Lottery System Poll Results

Good luck and win lotto big!


Lotto Guy Lottery System Real Lotto Winning System

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